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    Official tampering is on so we should hear something in the next 24 hours about meetings/discussions, with contract signings by Thursday afternoon.

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    Da Plane, Da Plane! If and when the Bucs send the Glazers plane to pick up DeSean Jackson, it’s a done deal. Until then it is still just a rumor. lol.

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      I hope they send Da Plane to Torrie Smith instead.

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    I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of signing DeSean Jackson. On one hand he still has speed which we haven’t had a speed threat on the team at any offensive position since Joey Galloway. Selfishly it would make playing Madden more fun. On the other hand he’s always getting hurt and I wish we had traded for him years ago, not sign him as a FA when he’s at the end of his career. It was the same issue I had with signing Grimes last offseason and I wasn’t satisfied with the results overall (last game of the season not withstanding).
    I guess the deal breaker for me is if we sign Jackson that means we aren’t taking a WR in the 1st round and I like Davis and Ross more than Jackson, even if it would mean trading up for them. Besides, Jackson’s me first attitude has not led to much success for the teams he’s played on. At least, not if you consider a deep run into the playoffs the only measure of success like I do. In conclusion, it’s like the W. Gholston signing for me…I don’t care for it, but we got money to burn so I’m not going to get too upset about it.

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      I don’t think the signing of Jackson would prevent the Bucs from drafting a WR at all. We signed Grimes last year to a 2 year deal and then drafted VH3. If we do sign him I believe it will be for 2 years and we would still be in play for John Ross. Sadly I don’t think Corey Davis will last till 19.

      1. 3.1.1


        A couple of the mocks this week on ESPN and SI had Davis to the Bucs, including Mel Kiper, so it’s certainly plausible that either Davis or Ross could be available to the Bucs.



          I hope so, I think both their medical issues has a chance to make them slide

      2. 3.1.2


        Matthew I think the difference is when we signed Grimes and drafted Hargreaves we didn’t have a top tier CB on the team (still don’t in my opinion). We have a top tier WR in Evans so if we sign Jackson and draft a WR in the first round that’s a lot of resources to dedicate to the WR position. I definitely don’t think Jackson would sign here for only a two year deal when he has so many suitors so far in FA.



          Yeah I can see your point, and I agree we don’t have a top tier CB on this roster. I just hope the signing of Jackson wouldn’t prevent us from drafting a WR because his speed isn’t going to last too much longer, imo.



            If anything, recent history has shown us that the Bucs love pairing a seasoned veteran with a draft pick. Last year alone gave us Grimes:VH3, Ayers:Spence, Robinson:R.Smith, D.Smith:Bond.



            BucWild02 again, for all the examples you just gave we didn’t have a top tier player already playing at the position where we picked up a seasoned veteran and a draft pick. There is no recent history of us picking up a seasoned veteran and a high draft pick at a position where we already have a top tier player.



          No top tier CBs on the team now?


          I guessed you missed the facts that Brent Grimes led the entire league in passes defensed, by a long ways … and that VHIII made the NFL all rookie team.

      3. 3.1.3


        This is likely Jackson’s last shot at a long-term deal given his age and injury history, so I don’t think 2 years will be enough to get him. 4 years, $43 million, $20 million guaranteed, and a few million in reachable performance incentives is what I’m thinking.

        That said, I completely agree signing DeSean will not stop us from using a high pick on a WR, though probably not the first-rounder. (McCaffrey’s the guy I want at 19.)

    2. 3.2


      A player who is coming off a 1,000+ yard season, and who has averaged a bit over 1,000 yards a season over the last four seasons is hardly a “player who is always injured”. Gimme some of that “always injured” if that’s what it looks like!

      1. 3.2.1


        Naplesfan it is true that Jackson has managed 1000+ yard seasons despite being regularly injured. I would compare it to G. McCoy. He’s regularly injured but he’s managed 8.5+ sack seasons. In today’s NFL I don’t think a 1000 yard receiving season or a 8.5 sack season is impressive anymore due to rule changes to protect receivers and a league lacking great pass protecting O-Linemen respectively. Part of the reason we haven’t won much since we drafted McCoy is he is extremely tough but he is regularly playing through injuries or coming off the field altogether and both have impacted the outcome of games. I think McCoy is the 2nd best player on the team when he is healthy but that is too infrequent. I would be just as weary of signing McCoy as a FA once he is over the age of 30 like Jackson. Especially depending on what the draft had to offer. But again, we have money to burn so whatever.



          I agree that the Bucs need some juice on offense and speed kills, it’s just that I hate the intangibles that Jackson brings. Health is definitely a concern and I can’t think of a single game in recent history that Jackson took over. Money aside, past performance is not a guarantee of future results and injuries occur MORE frequently as players age.



            Jackson led the entire league in passes caught over 20 yards last season.

            I believe that’s “exactly what the doctor ordered” …. that is, if we are to believe our Head Coach, Dirk Koetter, who has said over and over again since last season ended that the biggest shortcoming of our offense the last two years is in lack of big play production.



          A single 1,000 yard season isn’t terrifically impressive … averaging over 1,000 yards a season for the last four years, however, most certainly IS impressive, especially for the no. 2 WR (Pierre Garcon is the Redskins no. 1 WR).

    3. 3.3


      Signing Desean gives us the best chance to maximize the Brent Grimes’ of the world but putting a veteran compliment opposite Evans. Davis will be gone and Ross is injured and has had two major knee injuries, that’s a bit too risky for my liking. This frees us up to take Howard if he falls, Cook who might fall after that bad showing at the combine or Njoku to give us a more well rounded offense. I’m not sure Desean has the me first attitude that you mention more than any other good WR in the league so that doesnt bother me. Players with an edge are a good thing it means they dont like losing which is something we have tolerated for far too long.

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    I wonder if Gruden was making his Chucky-face on draft day when there were rumors that the Bucs were going to draft him in the second round and the Eagles drafted him just before the Bucs picked… We then opted for the App. St. gem of a receiver. Ouch.

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    How bout Jackson in the slot and Ross in motion? DB nightmare!

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    The way I see it is this, Buying D. Jackson will not deter us from getting a pass catcher. WR or TE. It might be we have to replace Russle also. There are some great WR’s to chose from. JuJu in second round? RB in the first (Cook)? Safety in the first, Budda Baker? Big Fun Folks.

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    As is being reported, along with the Bucs and Eagles, the Patriots and Cowboys have entered the DJax sweepstakes. The Washington Post reports the Patriots and Cowboys are also interested in free agent DeSean Jackson.

    The Patriots have money (55mil) and lots of rings to hold up in the air. The Cowboys are broke (8mil) but it’s America’s team who every kid wants to play for. They’ve got a young competitive team and a to-die-for facility.

    With the Eagles, Cowboys, and Patriots all interested in DJax just tells me we’re chasing the right guy. Just don’t know if we’ve got enough bling to land him. We got enough money, I mean the glitz and glitter.

    If he does fly into Tampa, I hope he doesn’t hype the visit just to pump up the numbers as LB Curtis Lofton did when he flew in only to leave and sign the next day with the Saints. Us old dudes never forget. lol.

    If the Bucs have decided that this is their man, then good luck. Go Bucs!

    1. 7.1


      If Jackson went from Philly to Washington to the Cowboys I think he would actually be murdered

  8. 8


    I just don’t see him in Tampa Bay. Save the money and spend it elsewhere. Go Bucs!

    1. 8.1


      Hope you are correct Horse. I would rather the Bucs grab some fresh legs in the draft like the kid from Stanford. McCaffery has great bloodlines, great production, solves a big need at PR/KR and should be available at 19. He can play RB and WR. He would look great in pewter and red!

      1. 8.1.1


        Why would that stop us from signing Jackson? McCaffery is no where near the receiver Jackson is and wants to be RB.

  9. 9


    It changes by the hour. lol.

    Refuting a previous report, the Cowboys do not have interest in free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson, tweets Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram, who notes Jackson is likely outside Dallas’ price range.

    Ok, that’s it! Not passing on another rumor until Jason Licht speaks. This is like a tail chasing a dog. I’m out!

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    Whether the Bucs sign Jackson or not, I hope they draft Stanford RB McCaffery. He was a human highlight reel for the last 2 years. He has tremendous quickness, versatility, hands, and burst. He has an unmatched work ethic according to his teammates and coaches. That is the kind of person you want on offense. I think he is a better pro prospect than Reggie Bush. He has better hands and is a better rusher and was also great on special teams as a kick returner/punt returner.

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