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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I have all the confidence in Jameis to take his game, and the team, to greater heights. First of all, because of his strong desire to succeed. Second, because he is putting the work in to do that. Like Favre, he is a gunslinger. So the interceptions I will live with. I am very excited for him and the future of the Bucs.

    “The possibilities are as vast as Koetter’s imagination.” A beautiful statement to bask in.

    I have been a very harsh critic of Keyshawn Johnson on the way he quit on the Buccaneers. But, I give him a huge amount of credit on the way he dealt with his son. Good job Mr. Johnson. We need more fathers like that.

    Can’t wait for TC. Go Bucs!

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    Scott, I think you said it all in the bottom paragraph of Fab 1. Right now I see Safety as our weakest spot; disregarding injuries. If injuries are to be considered then it’s QB and OL. Go Bucs!

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    Coach Koetter could save a lot of verbiage…executing goals 3 and 4 alone guarantee victory.

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    Interceptions are a concern for any QB, but one thing the stats don’t tell you is how many INT’s were the QB’s actual fault.
    I can remember at least four last year that weren’t Winston’s. Two ere off the hands of Charles Simms and two more were the fault of his WR’s. A few more were end of the game or halves when they were of little consequence.
    Where Winston gets in trouble with his INT’s is when he locks onto his favorite receiver, Evans. and tried to will the ball into him. I can remember him doing that against the Cowboys and the Seahawks.
    Hopefully with better targets this year he won’t have to lock onto Evans and try to squeeze the ball into him for success. At least on paper, the Bucs look deeper than ever before in the WR department
    As far as safety being our biggest weakness, I can live with that, especially if they pick up where they left off during the final eight games of last season.
    I heard Chris Conte on NFL Sirrus where he was still lamenting the fact he wasn’t awarded the INT he clearly had against Cam Newton in the final game of the season.

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    One of the things that seems to get overlooked when critiquing our QB and comparing him to Mariota is the number of fumbles by his Titan draftmate. Doesn’t that count too?

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      There was no comparison made here between Winston and Mariota in this Fab 5. If there were a comparison, using the best statistical summary for quarterback performance, QBR, it would say that the two young quarterbacks had a virtually identical seasons last year, their second season in the league (Mariota, 64.9 and Winston, 64.7, ranking 12th and 13th in the NFL). Of course stats only tell part of the story given that these two guys have very different talents and styles as players. But it is uncanny that the statistical bottom line is so similar. Plus both of their respective teams had identical won-loss records last season, both teams barely missed the playoffs in week 17, and both teams seem to have similar expectations for 2017. Also both teams have older head coaches who are not flashy and of whom the national media seem not particularly impressed … and both teams are small market teams based a long way from the national media, so don’t get a lot of attention.

      It will be very interesting to see how the two players and their respective teams develop over the coming years.

      1. 5.2.1

        The Anti-Java

        He has fumbled 19 times in his 2 seasons. I think it was 9 in 2015, and 10 in 2016, or vice versa.

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    No mistake more costly than a mistake by a Safety. I was disappointed when we let McDougal go, but like what I’m reading here. Go Bucs!

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    Can we just once sign a Free Agent that isn’t injured…

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    I don’t agree with Scott’s notion that in year 3 the light suddenly comes on for talented quarterbacks, and that notion leads to unrealistic expectations for Jameis. He used a very small and self selecting data set to make his point.

    The reality is that for quarterbacks in the NFL, talent and attitude – which Jameis has in abundance – only takes a qb so far. What it takes to separate the elite from the modest is learning that only comes with experience, coaching, and a desire to learn. That takes a lot more than 2 or 3 seasons to acquire. More like 5 to 8 seasons before a qb begins to approach his ceiling. The greatest of all quarterbacks, Tom Brady, didn’t hit his stride as a player until his 8th season in the league, and then he didn’t stop there, kept on learning, kept on being coached to correct his shortcomings, such that his greatest season of all was his 17th and his 4th Super Bowl ring.

    Consequently, we should expect Jameis to get better this season … perhaps quite a bit better with the added talent around him. But don’t expect that he will be anywhere near as good as he will be in 3, 5, 10, or even 15 years from now. He is a student of the game … his greatness will be a reflection of his scholarship of the game, and the number of years acquiring knowledge few or no others of his peers wil have.

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    Alldaway 2.0

    I have no problem with Tandy and Conte as starters heading into training camp. But having Tandy closer to the line is a mistake as he isn’t good for run support and being asked to cover TE’s isn’t his forte.

    Conte is taller, more lanky and has enough weight to play closer to the line. Tandy is a natural playing center field.

    I am not sure why the team moved on from McDougald, because while I have a high opinion of JJ Wilcox I do not see a major difference in terms of play. Wilcox has a slight edge with his aggressive coming down hill play while McDougald made teams pay on out routes in m2m coverage.

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    Did I read article right Flacco didn’t go to a Super Bowl? Didn’t Ravens beat Niners few years ago and land Flacco huge contract?

    Agree year 3 is biggest change for QB but also agree with Naples they don’t hit ceiling until further typically.

    Dr d. Makes good point about close to half dozen int’s were not winstons fault.

    I think his biggest area that needs improvement is accuracy.

    I think Winston is also much more durable and mobile than Mariota. Will Mariota actually finish a season this year? Doubt it. He has better O line and run game than Winston and he’s a sack/fumble machine when protection breaks down even though he was touted as the better mobile QB….he lacks vision in pocket or something.

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    Great Article as usual, Scott. I agree in full. As far as other people knocking Tandy’s tackling, don’t forget he has been a tackling machine on kickoffs for many years. I have touted Tandy’s ability for many years in my blogs long before everyone’s great discovery of his talent just when Conte went down last year. Just think how many interceptions we lost over past years by our coaches underestimating his talent. He deserves to start all this year and a huge raise before he hits free agency so we can keep him!

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    All the new weapons and possibilities are great. My concern is that Winston makes the mental adjustment. With experience being one or two go to guys, will the fear of a missed opportunity elsewhere have Jameis hold on too long before throwing? He’s really smart so in time he will get used to it. But imvho this is not a video game and its a different deal now. Only one guy gets the ball. Good “problem” to have. I dont pretend to be an expert on this. Does this resonate w anybody?

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    Id rather see Ryan Fitzpatrick play safety than Chris Conte.

    1. 13.1

      The Anti-Java

      I don’t get the hate for the guy. Decent player.

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    The truth is it’s really all on Jameis this season. He has a couple of years of experience, with some good success, and now has the weapons on offense and a fast improving defense to get to the next level. I know Jameis holds himself to high standards and seems to handle pressure very well. That’s a big positive because IMO there’s . lot of pressure to win, to make the playoffs, this season and the schedule is no cakewalk.

    Nice 5 as always Scott! Good insight and writing. Thanks and a hat tip!

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