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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Think Trevor has spoiled me Scott. The Fab 5 was boring as heck for me.. A lot of useless old information in comparison to what should be the real valuable data starting with the Winston Era. We need some luck and no key injury loss’es to make it to the Playoffs. Go Bucs!

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      Horse- I agree with what you said. We now have a franchise QB!

    2. 1.2


      Horse, Trevor is doing great, but he does not have the historical memory.

      1. 1.2.1

        Trevor Sikkema

        Football didn’t exist before 1995. Can confirm.



          Good to know. Apparently I was dreaming from 1954 through 1994! lol



            Have you watched Matrix? Nothing is real. LOL

  2. 2


    I don’t know what Horse is talking about. I enjoyed it.

    As a kid, I started watching the Bucs around 1995-1996. My Dad cheered for them because they were the local team and because he always likes the underdog. I thought they were the underdog because of their cream colored jerseys. Not very intimidating. I couldn’t really name any players until around 2000, and started following them religiously the year they won the Super Bowl.

    That’s why appreciate article like this and when you guys talk about the team history on the podcast, because I get to learn more about the Bucs teams of old that were before my time.

    1. 2.1


      I agree with Destino and respectfully disagree with Horse. Scott, your Fab 5 article have been great this year. Very informative. I was a subscriber of your mag back in the early ’90s when it was the only news of the Bucs I could find. I remember an early article about a Buc rookie named Santana Dobson. It is only getting better.

  3. 3

    Buc-n-Philly Fan

    I enjoyed the nostalgia in the numbers. There are some correlations but I think this Team’s dna has changed. We are no longer the juggernaut on defense. The league has changed. The Team has changed. I like where we are and as a die hard fan having been born on MacDill AFB and seeing all of these statistics actually played out I am finally excited to the level of ’97-‘2003 and believe we are not only relevant but control our destiny. I am F’ing thrilled to be a Bucs fan again!!!!
    Good article Scott and thank you!

  4. 4


    Kwon needs to be the captain over Lavonte this year, he brings the general factor, the guy you want to play behind, leading the troops. His energy makes the defense play better. Pick 2 of the 3 to lead Nickerson, Sapp, Brooks. Brooks is the odd man out for me and that’s the leadership style lvd has

  5. 5


    Buc football has ways been defense.
    Imagine . . .
    Aaron Donald instead of Mike Evans.
    Luke Kuechly instead of Mark Barron.
    GO BUCS!!

    1. 5.1


      I agree with the Kuechly choice. But would we have been better taking Donald over Evans ?
      I don’t think I would swap those two out.
      GO BUCS

  6. 6


    While Doug Martin gets a lot of heat for his down seasons, and deservedly so, his “on” seasons show up pretty well on the list compared to other Buc’s running backs. Only James Wilder has one season that is better than Doug’s, but as a two year mark eclipsing the 1,000 yard mark, Doug stands alone. If, as the staff says, he is in the best form of his career and can eclipse the 1000 yard mark in spite of his suspension, he will be alone among Bucs running backs with 1000 yard seasons. No wonder, Koeter wants to give him every opportunity possible to come back from his problems and another off year.

  7. 7


    Hey Scott- your fab 5’s are awesome! Having said that I must agree with horse. I don’t think the past informs the future. The NLF is very different now and while you mentioned the Patriots leading defense, you failed to mentioned the Falcons who made the SB with an improved, but overall mediocre defense. In addition to the NFL changing, this defense, in my HUMBLE opinion, is NO WHERE even close the those iconic defenses. However, this offense has a chance to be MUCH better than any offense we’ve ever had. IMO the Bucs can make the playoffs if we do three things: 1) win the TO battle 2) stop the run 3) average 4 YPC per rushing attempt on offense. Thank you Scott. I hope you are having a great summer, Best, Brian

  8. 8

    No Fly Zone

    Good Fab 5, but like others, I disagree with using Bucs team of the past as the benchmark for making the playoffs. I think it would be better to use Wild Card teams from the past 3 years to see what the Bucs need to do to make the playoffs.

    2014- The Bengals were 15th in points per game and 12th in points against per game
    Ravens: 8th in PPG and 6th in scoring defense
    Cardinals: 24th in PPG and 5th in scoring defense
    Lions: 22nd in PPG and 3rd in PAPG
    Chiefs- 9th in PPGand 3rd in PAPG
    Steelers- 4th in PPG and 11th in PAPG
    Packers- 15th PPG and 12th PAPG
    Seahawks- 4th PPG and 1st PAPG

    2016- Raiders- 7th in PPG and 20th in PAPG
    Dolphins- 17th in PPG and 18th in PAPG
    Giants- 26th in PPG and 2nd in PAPG
    Lions- 20th in PPG and 13th in PAPG

    Looking at the 2016 playoff teams, they were all mediocre except for the Giants defense and the Raiders offense, though the Dolphins made the playoffs with a defense and offense both below average, while the Lions had a below average offense and a slightly above average defense. 2016 was the outlier, though, that there was no teams with top 10 offenses and defenses (2014 Ravens, 2015 Chiefs and Seahawks). For the Bucs to have the best chance to make the playoffs, we need to have a top 10 offense or defense; hopefully those new weapons for the offense pay off.

    The positive outlook for the Bucs is, there was a mediocre crop of Wild Card teams in 2016; that could possibly continue in 2017. The negative is that if it returns to what it was in 2015 and 2014(aside from the Packers and Bengals), you either need to have a top 5 offense or defense or both your offense and defense have to be in the top 10.

  9. 9


    What we need is improved play from the OL which can afford no more than one significant injury, if that. With all of the weapons we have, if we get that we have a credible shot at the playoffs. The coaches are saying all the right things about the OL but what choice do they have, these are the players they have to work with, being negative won’t help anything.

    Lack of depth there plus several other spots leaves little margin for error so it wouldn’t be surprising if we don’t get over the hump this year. If we do, then to go deep into the playoffs we’ll need improved accuracy and decision making from Jameis. Were all that to fall into place look out….!!

    1. 9.1


      Excellent analysis matador. The only thing I would add is that there still appears to be a lack of speed and athleticism in the defensive backfield.

  10. 10


    To a certain degree I agree with you in regards to the offensive line matador, but there were a few games last year where the Bucs had to put together a patch work offensive line and still managed to move the ball and win the games.
    Besides, with the majority of college teams using spread offense, less pro ready OL are coming into the league so the Bucs aren’t the only team that suffers from this malady.
    DrT, I shudder to think what the Buc offense would have looked like the last few years without Mike Evans.
    As far as team captains, I don’t see what the allure of having Gerald McCoy is as far as a leader is concerned.
    Last year against the Cowboys he gave the pregame warmup speech to the team.
    Instead of firing the team up by giving them a “let’s go kick the NFL’s pretty boys asses on national TV,” he encouraged the team to feel great about being on national TV and enjoy the good feelings it would evoke. Not exactly his words but it was the basis of his speech.
    For gods sake.
    On the other hand we have Kwon Alexander who wants to bust some face masks up because he felt he and David have been maligned as linebackers.
    That’s who I want to go to war with.

  11. 11


    I don’t want to sound negative about my Bucs. I believe in them and it’s about time we get a little luck and have less injuries. We deserve to be in the playoffs and now let’s get there! Go Bucs!

  12. 12


    Headed off to the Pittsburgh area this morning for a few Shorty’s hot dogs and some gravy fries. Just a weekend trip to relax a bit and not visit any relatives. Shhhhhhh. Up early to read Scott’s Fab 5 and get pumped up about our Bucs before venturing into Steelers Country. In western Pennsylvania it’s all about the Steelers and rightfully so. Unlike here where football loyalties often reside elsewhere. Equally different is the too often pessimistic outlook of the upcoming season we Bucs fans adopt to shield ourselves from anticipated disappointment. I for one am looking forward to a season in which we should all be expecting playoffs and beyond.

    Scott gave us all of the historical numbers to digest to the point of needing a Rolaids. Fact is, this team is much better than it has been in quite some time because of one important aspect………..ATTITUDE”. I don’t know how it’s measured or recorded over the 40+ seasons, but there’s got to be some stat geek like Trevor out there to analyze the hysterical errrr historical data and chart it. Let’s call it “The Scubog Tampa ‘Tude”

    As Dr.D pointed out. Evidence of the “startling metamorphosis” is the changing of the captain’s seat from David Banner McCoy to the face mask busting Hulk in Kwon Alexander. The swagger is coming back my friends. Finally!

  13. 13


    I think I agree with our posters about attitude. I sincerely hope Kwon Alexander is sufficiently pissed off after being snubbed by virtually every poll that ranks players. I can see Koetter using the dismissive attitude about our players to his benefit.
    POST these negative and lackluster comments in the locker room and tell them to put up or shut up.
    Then take the big M**********G stick and beat the S**T out of them on the field.

    Good Fab 5 Scott.
    The biggest thing that makes me hopeful and goo-goo eyed is having Mike Smith back. The defense should be better faster this year. Looking for Hargraves and Spence to step up. Maybe J. Smith can be a factor.

  14. 14


    Poll question about which position we’re most concerned about left off the obvious choice – D LINE!!!!!!

  15. 15


    Dman, like that picture of Kirk Douglas as Spartacus. Great movie.
    Did you ever see him as Col. Dax in Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory. Fantastic movie.
    Finally, one of my all time favorites and Kirk Douglas’ as well, was “Lonely Are the Brave,”
    The first Rambo movie was a direct ripoff or remake of that film.
    With the return of Jacquez Smith, the addition of Chris Baker and with a two armed second year Noah Spence returning, the Bucs should be able to crack the 40 sack mark this year and dare I say even 45.

  16. 16


    Scott is totally correct that it is the Bucs defense that will determine whether or not this team makes the playoffs. Don’t believe the hype that today’s NFL is all about the offense. The unbelievable Super Bowl comeback by Brady last February could not have happened if thd Pats D had not stopped cold/dead the great Falcs offense in the secind half.

    As to the relevence of specific statistics, it is obvious from Scott’s review that there are many different ways to manufacture a winner. Whichever way it’s dine, the bottom line is the Bucs D has to lead the way. It did a great job in the second half of last season … if Mike Smith’s crew picks up where they left off last season, then we should make the playoffs … and the offense should do well enough to hold up their end.

    1. 16.1


      Naplesfan, only reason why Falcons lost even though they were up by 28 was because they went conservative on both sides. Defense gave Brady so much separation to throw his wounded ducks.

      1. 16.1.1


        Horse – you made my point … a defense can win a game, as NE’s did, or it can lose the game, as ATL’s did .. or both, as both did.



          Yes I was agreeing with you.

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