Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have had a flair for late game dramatics over the course of their respective football careers. They can now expand those heroics to golf as well.

The veteran duo defeated quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in the latest version of “The Match.” It came down to the final hole of the 12-hole contest when Rodgers birdied the par 3 to give their team a one-hole victory. This was Brady’s first win in three attempts.

Before they even teed off things began with a comical start. Brady took a detour on the way to the first hole, causing the other three golfers to wait for him.

Trash Talk Early And Often

Arguably the most entertaining part of the whole event was the trash talk between the four players. It didn’t just stop with the quarterbacks either as commentators Charles Barkley and J.J. Watt got in the mix as well.

All of the jabs started early, which included Josh Allen using a golf ball with the logo of Brady’s infamous NFL Combine photo on it. Brady later revealed the ball he was using, which he had a Lombardi Trophy on it.

“Josh, have you ever seen one of these?” Brady said, alluding to the fact that Allen is the only one in the group without a Super Bowl win. Brady of course is far ahead of the others with seven rings compared to one each for Rodgers and Mahomes.

Brady was a little sporadic off of the tee, struggling to keep his drive on the fairway. He did succeed much better with his irons and putts. After all, he is human.

He and Rodgers took a two-shot lead after the first two holes. Mahomes and Allen cut the deficit to one on the third, and eventually tied it up on the fifth. That stalemate went for another three holes before the younger quarterbacks took lead with three holes to go.

And that’s where the dramatics came in.

Brady’s Top Moments

Brady had two highlight moments from the round. One was his approach shot on the second hole that set them up with a short birdie putt. The other came on the 10th hole, as Brady hit a five-to-six-foot putt to tie the match up with two holes remaining. Another clutch moment late in a game!

Following a draw on the 11th hole, Rodgers was able to sink a putt from roughly a 15-foot distance to win the matchup. Fitting the two quarterbacks that wear the number 12 won it on the 12th hole.

As good as the competition was, more importantly, this event helped raise money and donate meals for Feeding America. The nationwide organization is a non-profit group who’s goal is to advance the change in America by providing access to nutritious food for all communities.

The next time we’ll see Brady is quite soon, for Bucs’ mandatory minicamp is on June 7, 8 and 9.

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