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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Not going to happen. There are only so many players from any team that will make the HOF. Ronde will make it 3 with Lynch possibly making it 4. How many players from the Steelers Steel Curtain made it?

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    Strahan should be having the same problem Rice is having. The only difference is Strahan played in New York and went into the media market. By letting Strahan in just like the Pittsburg fat RB as blocked players like Lynch to be in the HOF.

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    we’ve got lynch, barber, and rice with strong cases for the hall of fame. is there any doubt the 2002 bucks defense was one of the top 5 of all time. since that year, only the 2015 broncos d has come close

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    There should be no limit on players from 1 team, and comparing to other units like the Steel Curtain and 85 Bears makes no sense. The game was completely different and it is very likely TB had more individual talent on D than those teams. These political factors drive me nuts. Offensive players get in on numbers and aren’t judged nearly as much for the players around them when that probably factors in more on that side of ball.

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    I’ve long argued Rice deserved the Super Bowl MVP because he was an unholy terror on the line while the Bucs were building that lead. But the fan voting gave it to Dexter Jackson, because fans are stupid.

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    Rice was also smarter and much more self-possessed than typical defensive lineman coming out of college. He graduated Illinois early, and was smarter than a lot of his coaches and fellow players. But, he also became known by team staff as a guy with ‘attitude’ who spoke his mind in a loud voice, although I’ve never read any statements from teammates indicating he was not well-liked.

    With the Cardinals, he had a reputation of not practicing hard (like Chris Baker, maybe?), and of being a pass rusher only (weak as a run-stopper). He had a couple of contract disputes, during which he sat out training camp, and even played semi-pro basketball one summer, which did not endear him to team staff or fans. Arizona did not make huge effort to resign him after his 5th season, and he came to the Bucs with that same reputation.
    He never seemed to have issues with Bucs coaches, and by his second year in Tampa (the Super Bowl year) he was playing the run pretty well, alongside 15.5 sacks.

    Later in his career, after being elected to the Pro Bowl, he apparently showed up late to Pro Bowl practices and pissed off coaches enough to get himself kicked out of the game.

    So, his penchant for pissing off coaches and front office staff, along with playing for 2 smaller media market teams, and disappearing from the NFL landscape after retirement have combined to make people forget him.
    I hope the Bucs media campaign works – Simeon Rice belongs in the Hall of Fame for his accomplishments, whether most NFL fans remember him or not.

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      The Anti-Java

      Love the guy, but he was/is a little out there. As in UFO’s and that kind of stuff.

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    His record is impressive, but the guy is an a**hole. I remember waiting on him in Carrolwood and if cell phones were as prominent as they are now, I would have snapped a photo of the tip… $3.00 on $60.00! He doesn’t deserve to be enshrined alongside the men in Canton.

    He was no Marcus Jones! I still remember the bar tabs Marcus would buy out at O’Brien’s!

    Go Bucs!

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      Plus, who gets sent home from the Pro Bowl?! Seriously wtf?!

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      Sorry, got to disagree with you, TBBandit. Rice may have been an a-hole, self promoting POS with a nasty cheapskate streak, but that still does not preclude his HOF induction. HOF is about what someone has done on the field, not about what kind of person they are, or if they were well-liked. OJ Simpson is a convicted felon, but his bust remains in Canton, simply because he was one of the best RBs of all time, and one of only 7 men ever to rush for over 2000 yards. The man (OJ) appears to be somewhat sociopathic, and I wouldn’t invite him to a party at my house, but that has nothing to do with his football talent, and with what he accomplished running through NFL defenses.

      It may not be fair for Rice to be in the HOF, but it is entirely just that he be enshrined there. He will likely never be canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church, but in terms of what he did in his career, Rice belongs in the HOF.

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        Well said, TO is probably thinking the same thing.



          Not a doubt in my mind about that. And at least Rice and TO (to my knowledge) never placed bets on or against their own team with Mob-connected guys – like Pete Rose did. Rose will never get into the MLB HOF, now.

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