Tuesday, June 25, 2019

SR’s Fab 5 4/20

What traits are the Bucs focusing on this year when scouting draft prospects? Why is Tampa Bay targeting so many Big 12 prospects? Will the Bucs trade up for Ndamukong Suh? Which starter could be drafted in the sixth round? Get the answers plus inside scoop on the 2010 schedule, Quincy Black and more in SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5 3/4

Should the Bucs pursue free agent RB Darren Sproles? Why are the pundits wrong about DT Gerald McCoy? How many players are the Bucs considering with their first-round pick? Who asked SS Myron Rolle the provocative question at the Combine? Get the answers and inside scoop on free agency and the draft in SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5 2/10

What tricks does Raheem Morris have up his sleeve for the Bucs defense in 2010? Why was Derrick Brooks wrong about Barrett Ruud? Who is "King Tyce" and why would he be a good fit in Tampa Bay? Will the Bucs cut QB Byron Leftwich? Get the answers and plenty of leftover inside scoop from the Senior Bowl in SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5 1/25

How disappointing was the turnout for the offseason workouts? What is the primary focus for upgrading the offense in 2010? What is the latest word on the coaching staff? Which conference are the Bucs targeting more heavily in the draft? Which players will the Bucs be scouting hard at the Senior Bowl? Get the answers in SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5 1/10

Why are the Bucs still in play for DT Ndamukong Suh despite having the third overall pick? Why should the Bucs consider passing on SS Eric Berry? Will the Bucs re-sign MLB Barrett Ruud? Which assistant coaches could be coming to Tampa Bay? Get the answers, more inside scoop and analysis in this edition of SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5

How many of Mark Dominik's personnel moves have panned out? Which soon-to-be free agent LB wants to sign with the Bucs? How often did Raheem Morris call blitzes vs. Atlanta? Get the inside scoop on Doug Williams, a run play the Bucs may have to stop in Carolina, Connor Barth and more in this FREE SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5

How are the Bucs continuing to bungle their QB situation? Is Josh Freeman going to be successful right out of the gate? In what area does Raheem Morris need to clean up his act? What area is Morris performing well in? What changes to the starting lineup should occur? Get the answers and inside scoop in SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5

What role should Cadillac Williams have in Tampa Bay's offense? What type of return on investment are the Bucs getting for their top receivers? What positives and negatives did SR see on tape from the Bucs-Redskins game? Get the answers, plus inside scoop on the top college pass rushers and more in SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5

What is the reasoning behind the Bucs' sudden QB switch to Josh Johnson? What is causing tension in the locker room aside from the team's 0-3 start? Which player may provide a spark in the turnover department for Tampa Bay? Get answers and inside scoop on Joe Barry, Barrett Ruud and Raheem Morris in SR's Fab 5.

SR’s Fab 5

Why do Bucs players like playing for Raheem Morris? What defensive back had a worse game than Sabby Piscitelli? Which offensive lineman dominated against Dallas? Get the answers plus inside scoop and insight on Greg Olson, Sammie Stroughter, a pair of 2010 NFL Draft prospects and more in SR's Fab 5.